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The season we love the most without any doubt is summer. Hot temperatures, beautiful beaches with gorgeous women and windy kitesurfing days is what we live for. But when the winter comes and white sandy beaches turn into white mountains we make the most out of it. This season we’ve decided to start a new venture and take the kites out of the water and to the snow. Our new winter adventure is called Radical Snowkite and we are based in the fantastic Bulgarian mountains in one of the most popular winter ski resorts in Europe: Bansko. Being ourselves we explored all surrounding mountains in search for the perfect locations not only for snowkite but also paraglide and speedwing. In the video you will see our favourite spot that combines all of these sports. It’s not only perfect for going up snowkiting but you can go down it as fast as you can speedwinging. This is our owner’s first attempt in speedwing on a real mountain and off the kiddie slopes. As you can see there is no better location to test your skills as there are no obstacles, it’s vast and the wind is perfect! It’s also our favourite snowkite teaching location so hopefully we’ll see you soon there. For more information go to our Radical SnowKite Website .

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