Learn to kitesurf fast, easy and safe in the world’s No1 location.

We custom make each lesson to suit your learning ability guaranteeing rapid progression!

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What makes our location the best for learning?

An amazing kite surf location radically increases your learning rate and ensures you get to the next level of kiteboarding. Here’s why :

Flat Shallow Lagoons

Remember as a kid playing in the waves, jumping and throwing yourself at them? well imagine the same waves constantly knocking you over while you’re trying to fly a large powerful kite, attempting to put a kite board on your feet and then get up on the board before the next wave and kiteboard. Synchronizing your body is challenging enough when you learn how to kitesurf without waves smashing you about and pushing you to the beach. Our flat water lagoons eliminates this and even better the shallow water allows you stand up and correct yourself every time you make a mistake.

Exclusive Beaches

We teach in a place we discovered around 10 years ago, away from any crowds and known only to a few locals and this makes it perfect for beginners. Learning to kitesurf is like any other kind of learning. You need peace and quiet and no distractions. Having more advanced kitesurfers around, jumping and crashing their kites next to you doesn’t help your concentration! Here we have 60 square kilometers of lagoons and no one around you, during your course, but your instructor.

Consistent Wind

Our thermic wind starts around 12:00h and blows until just before sunset unless the Meltimi wind kicks in and this can last for as long as a week without stopping, making us one of the most consistent wind locations in the world, perfect for learning kitesurfing.

Best Price for kiteboard lessons


Zero to Hero Course

Learn to kitesurf in just 5 days with our best selling course!



20 hours of tuition

Approximately 4 hours of dedicated tuition every day. With us the student to instructor ratio is normally 2 to 1 and we never exceed 4 to 1


Unlimited riding

After your 4 hours of tuition you can continue kitesurfing until sunset while we keep an eye on you.


Daily beach transfers

If you are staying local we will pick you up and drop you home every day free of charge!


All equipment hire

We teach all our students to kitesurf on the amazing 2015 Blade Trigger, super stable, super easy, totally forgiving and the only kite suitable for beginners that we love to ride.

British kitesurf champion

Radical kitesurf is located in a dream spot for beginner to advance kitesurfers. Didim has got it all… wave spots delivering some lovely kicker waves, multiple flat water spots with waist high water. Learning is easy at Didim, whether that’s getting up on the board for the first time or landing technical new school tricks. The Radical Kitesurf crew are some of the nicest friendliest people I have ever met. If you want to have a good time and kite in some fantastic spots… Radical Kitesurf is the place for you.

Hannah Whiteley

- 3X British Freestyle Kitesurfing Champion, 2010 1st place Big Air contest at PKRA World Tour – Germany, 2010 1st Place Freestyle – Kite Tour Asia – Turkey , BestKiteboarding team rider


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We have a limited number of Zero 2 Hero courses so send us a message to check when we have available dates.

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